Application of 3D Laser Marker for Curved Surface Products

3D curved surface laser marking machine is a laser device that can achieve three-dimensional engraving of materials. It is often used for car and motorcycle parts engraving, metal, alloy and oxide, sanitary ware, clothing accessories, aerospace and other industries, for engraving enterprise LOGO name, product specifications, serial numbers, etc..

Compared with the conventional laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine is equipped with dynamic focusing system, which can adapt to the marking of different three-dimensional planes and always mark the processing surface with the highest energy density, avoiding the shortage of the traditional laser marking machine with fixed focal length.

dynamic focusing system

Features of 3D laser marking machine

3D laser marking machine has a high photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, easy maintenance, fast marking speed, greatly improving the processing efficiency. High precision 3D positioning technology, high speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam base mode, short pulse, high peak power, high repetition frequency, bring perfect marking effect for customers. It is widely used in cell phone manufacturing, stereo circuit, medical equipment, molds, 3C electronics, automotive parts, electronic communications and other industry products of 3D laser marking.

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