Application of Automatic Assembly Line Laser Marking Machine for Cosmetics

The assembly line laser marking machine is used in cosmetics, 3C electronics and other industries to mark large quantities of products production. It is a kind of high-efficiency environmental marking equipment.

According to the type of laser, the assembly line laser marking machine can be divided into assembly line fiber laser marking machine, assembly line UV laser marking machine, assembly line CO2 laser marking machine and so on. The assembly line laser marking machine is also called “flying laser marking machine”.

The power of lasers have 20W, 30W, 50W, 3W, 5W and others. Assembly line fiber and CO2 laser marking machines are used more.

Assembly line laser marking machines are selected by different products material. If you do not know how to choose, you can consult with us, we have professionals to introduce you, you can also directly send the marking products to us for sample to see the effect.

Assembly line laser marking machine can realize the product online automatic coding, add automatic positioning system, fixed marking pattern position, intelligent marking, no manual intervention placement.

General assembly line laser marking machine configuration will be more expensive than the desktop laser marking machine, because the assembly line marking generally requires high speed, so the choice of laser, vibrating mirror, field mirror requirements are higher, the cost also increased.

Automatic assembly line laser marking machine has high efficiency, marking fast, it is very suitable for some smaller products, positioning difficult products, such as ear tag marking, 3C electronic marking, cosmetics marking, etc..

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