Application of Laser Marking Machine for Bathroom Products

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Bathroom Products

Bathroom products are closely related to our daily life, and they are the symbol products of human civilization and healthy life.

Bathroom products are also becoming more and more stringent in the manufacturing process. Not only the diversity of shapes is required, but also the marks as small as brand logos and decorative patterns need to be more detailed and durable. The birth of laser marking machine just solve this demand.

Laser Marking Logo, Text on Porcelain Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom products are made of various materials and have a wide range of categories, including bathroom cabinets, faucets and showers, commode, sanitary equipment, basins, flush valves, bathtubs and so on. They are made of ceramic, metal, and special plastic materials. Different materials require different types of laser marking machines to process.

Laser marking machine irradiates the surface of bathroom products by high energy density laser to vaporize the bathroom materials, thus leaving permanent marks.

The laser marking machine is easy to operate and does not require professional technicians to operate, which indirectly reduces the cost of product processing. The marking pattern is edited by the laser marking software to generate various text and graphics on the surface of the workpiece.

Laser marking machine can effectively enhance the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of the enterprise’s products, and can establish a product traceability system, which maintains the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers.

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