Application of Laser Marking Machine for Beverage Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are a necessity for packaging in the beverage industry. With the continuous growth of the beverage industry, the bottle cap industry is also growing steadily, but many problems also follow. Such as: counterfeiting and imitation, regional smuggling, processing of expired goods in sales, disorganized management of agency distributors, insufficient production capacity, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to think of a good way to protect the corporate brand, so choosing a laser marking machine is a wise move.

Beverage bottle caps are an important part of the beverage packaging industry. The vigorous development of the beverage market will have higher and higher requirements for product packaging, and bottle cap products have a key position in the beverage packaging industry. Therefore, the development trend of the beverage industry will directly affect the demand for bottle cap products.

The advantage of laser marking machine is its wide applicability. Metals and most non-metallic materials can be marked, and the marking does not require a mold and has no limitations. What content needs to be marked can be directly entered in the computer marking software, and it also supports automatic code skipping.

Laser marking machine adopts non-contact laser processing, which will not cause mechanical deformation to the product. Moreover, the pictures and texts marked by laser marker are clear, delicate, beautiful, permanent, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and not easy to erase. These can effectively prevent market smuggling, and can achieve full traceability through the “two-dimensional code traceability system”, which can effectively strengthen the supervision of distribution and agents in various places.

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