Application of Laser Marking Machine for Cosmetics

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Cosmetics

In order to regulate the management of goods, every cosmetic bottle or outer box needs to be marked with a specific barcode or production date. The UV laser marking machine produced by Linxuan Laser is suitable for cosmetic bottle marks.

UV laser marking is cold processing, small light spots, suitable for high-grade products such as cosmetics skin care products.

We can edit the marking pattern through the marking software like Ezcad2, which can also number automatically. UV laser marking speed can reach 7000mm/s, which can meet the production of cosmetics products in large quantities. It can also match with the conveyor belt to meet the production needs of the assembly line.

Linxuan laser is a veteran laser marking machine manufacturer, can customize the appearance according to user needs. Optional models are desktop UV laser marking machine, small UV laser marking machine, flying UV laser marking machine, closed UV laser marking machine.

UV laser marking machine will generally be equipped with a water chiller. There is also customized air-cooled UV laser marking machine. Linxuan laser provides high quality laser marking machines and services according to customers’ requirements.

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