Application of Laser Marking Machine for “Edible Labels”

Application of Laser Marking Machine for "Edible Labels"

Food labels are the carrier of product information to consumers. Doing a good job in food label management is not only an effective way to safeguard consumers’ rights and interests and food safety, but also a need for scientific management of food safety. Laser marking “edible labels” escort food safety.

The use of laser trademarks instead of traditional trademarks avoids the problem of labels falling off, realizes permanent identification, achieves the dual effects of food traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and saves production costs for retailers and suppliers.

Unique and innovative laser branding won’t affect food longevity or taste. While reducing the impact of traditional label paper on the environment, it also effectively reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The precise laser marking machine prints the brand LOGO, date and other information on the fruit surface to make the fruit label clear and easy to read.

It not only solves the phenomenon of mislabeling of fruit and vegetable products in supermarkets, but also eliminates the risk of tampering with the production date and production batch number on the packaging. Ensure food safety and leave no chance for counterfeiters.

The emergence of laser marking machine for food labels has brought new changes, and the safety issues on the tip of the tongue will be increasingly perfected.

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