Application of Laser Marking Machine for Flexible Label Paper

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Flexible Label Paper

Label paper is widely used in all walks of life, such as: medical, electronics, crafts, advertising, automotive and other industries. The common types of label paper are: coated paper, thermal paper, hangtags / cardboard, PET / PVC / synthetic paper, etc..

Flexible label paper, also known as “laser labels” and “tamper-resistant product labels”, has the advantages of temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical solvent resistance, and resistance to weather changes.

Flexible label paper is often marked with laser etching, not only the information is not easy to be tampered with, and corrosion resistance and wear resistance, has been widely used in auto parts, automotive manufacturing, high-end instrumentation, high-end electronic appliances and other high-tech industries.

Laser marking process is a tailor-made process for flexible label paper.

Label paper laser marking machine, is also known as fiber laser marking machine, which can easily carry out the pattern, information, text marking on label paper. The handwriting is clear and beautiful, the labeling speed is fast, the efficiency is high, label paper marking and cutting have a integrated operation, powerful.

Label paper laser marking machine has been widely used in the automotive industry, such as:

1, VIN barcode under the left windshield.

2, Factory tag.

3, The shell of the car engine.

4, Air conditioning label, airbag warning label, pressure label, tire pressure label, fuel label, key label, oil pressure label, bar code, cooling system label, vehicle emission control label, etc.

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