Application of Laser Marking Machine for Lithium Battery

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Lithium Battery

As an efficient energy storage device, lithium batteries are widely used in life.

Lithium battery surface marking process is through a high-quality laser marking machine using a very fine laser beam focused on the surface of the product to engrave patterns and fonts.

Compared to the traditional ink inkjet technology, the lithium batteries marks by laser marking machine are beautiful and clear, and can be retained for a long time, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Comparing the inferior lithium battery, we can easily identify, which ensure the safety of consumers in use.

Li-ion battery surface labeling by lithium battery laser marking machine is not only anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection, but also improve the image and visibility of enterprises, increase the added value of products. For consumers, it is a kind of use of the reassurance and affirmation of the corporate brand.

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