Application of Laser Marking Machine for Magnetic Materials

Magnets as a metal material are used more in industry. Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to engrave the serial number and production model on the surface of magnet products. As a product with high hardness and brittle texture, engraving on its surface greatly increases the difficulty of the process.

Magnet laser marking machine is a special equipment used for deep engraving on the magnetic material surface, compared with the traditional engraving process, has significant technical advantages.

Magnet laser marking machine can achieve hard magnetic, soft magnetic and some other magnetic material surface marking. Non-contact marking method, not only can ensure that the magnet is not damaged, not deformed, and has high cleanliness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, clear and beautiful markings, high marking efficiency.

Whether it is deep or shallow carving, magnet laser marking machine can easily complete.

Recommended model: CCD fiber laser marking machine

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