Application of Laser Marking Machine for Power Bank

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Power Bank

Power bank is a cell phone auxiliary device that integrates power and charging functions. Most of the shells of power bank are composed of plastic. Power bank manufacturers usually mark the logo or model number, product description and other text or patterns on the shell for brand promotion and product specification. A laser marking machine is needed to achieve this.

Fiber laser marking machine can meet the marking needs of power bank.

Laser marking is a non-contact processing method, users can freely edit the pattern or text to be marked through the marking software Ezcad2, and then precisely mark on the surface of power bank through the cooperation of the galvo field lens. Font size and marking depth can be adjusted.

Fiber laser marking pattern has smooth lines, high definition, and durable, will not wear or fade over time.

You can also choose different models to match the assembly line online production. The marking speed is fast and effectively accelerate the production efficiency. This is the mainstream solution for power bank marking.

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