Application of Laser Marking Machine for Wire and Cable

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Wire and Cable

With the progress of industrial development, various types of wire and cable applications are very widespread. Due to the small size of wires and cables, it is a bit difficult to mark some information, so the marking equipment must have high precision and high efficiency.

The entire processing process of the cable laser marking machine is controlled by computer software, which is very flexible in operation. It can arbitrarily mark the corresponding date, batch number, QR code, serial number, etc. on cables of different shapes and thicknesses, and the mark is permanent.

Laser marking machine performance is stable and has been applied to the packaging and processing processes of various industries. Its emergence has effectively resisted counterfeit and shoddy products, effectively regulated the cable market, and played an important role in protecting product quality.

Advantages of cable laser marking machine

1. The cable laser marking machine can adapt to the mass production of the cable production line, and the marking speed is 7000mm/s.

2. The text or pattern of laser marking is permanently maintained. There is not any consumables, and low-cost production.

3. It can adapt to the marking of cables with different forms of round and strip. It can print information such as production date and cable batch on the bottom and side, which meets the production standard of wire and cable industry.

4. The operation is simple and easy to use. Ordinary workers can directly operate the production after half a day of learning, which indirectly save the labor cost.

5. Automatic coding, the establishment of a product tracking system, the same batch of products can be quickly tracked after the product has quality problems, and the after-sales processing time has been improved.

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