Application of Laser Marking Machine for Wire and Cable

As one of the largest supporting industries in the Chinese economy, wires and cables are used in various fields. With the development of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, urbanization infrastructure continues to be invested, and the scale of the wire and cable industry has gradually grown.

laser marking numbers, letters on wires and cables

The growth of market demand for wire and cable has also led to innovation of industry production technology.

In the past, the number coding on the surface of the cable is generally completed by the inkjet printer, with large consumables cost, high failure and short life. A large number of wire and cable manufacturers use laser marking machine technology to replace the inkjet printing process, effectively improving production efficiency and processing results, and the cost is far lower than the former.

laser marking numbers on metal cables

As the most advanced marking equipment in the world today, laser marking machine has many characteristics that traditional marking equipment does not have. Laser marking machine uses laser as the power, no consumables, easy maintenance, simple operation. It can also achieve automatic online marking according to the needs of cable manufacturers.

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