Application of Laser Marking Machine in Beverage Industry

Every summer, the weather is hot, and beverages will have a peak sales season. For beverage manufacturers, the increase in product demand has also brought many problems, such as: counterfeit and imitation products emerge in an endless stream, regional smuggling of goods is serious, agency dealers are chaotic in management, and production capacity is insufficient. When the beverage brand enters a certain stage, it is necessary to introduce advanced technical equipment to improve the level of brand protection. Laser marking machine is a wise choice.

Laser marking machine can be used for beverage packaging bottles, information identification on the packaging, including brand LOGO, anti-counterfeiting code, production date, production batch number, shelf life, regulatory barcode, QR code, etc.

Laser marking machine adopts non-contact laser processing, which solves various drawbacks of traditional coding.

The anti-counterfeiting code of laser marking has good security performance and can effectively fight against “imitations”.

Laser marking barcode information is clear and beautiful, permanent, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy to erase, which can effectively prevent market smuggling, and realize full traceability through the “two-dimensional code traceability system”, which can effectively strengthen the supervision of agents distribute.

Laser marking machines have a wide range of applications and can be used to mark different materials, such as glass bottles, carton packaging, plastic bottles, metal cans, etc.

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