Application of Laser Marking Machine on Greeting Cards

Greeting card laser hollowing out is a process of using the high energy density of a laser beam to project on the surface of the greeting card, cutting the card through and producing a hollow pattern. Compared with traditional greeting card processing methods, the laser marking machine for greeting cards has obvious advantages.

First of all, it is non-contact processing. There is no direct impact on the greeting card, so there is no mechanical deformation. Secondly, there is no “knife” wear during the laser cutting process, so the material loss of greeting cards is small, and the product defect rate is extremely low. Moreover, in the laser cutting process, the laser beam energy density is high, the processing speed is fast, and the non-laser irradiation part of the greeting card has no or very little impact.

Greeting card laser engraving machine is the most suitable model for us to processing greeting cards. Besides, it is also suitable for engraving and cutting of packaging, leather, printing, advertising decoration, architectural decoration, handicrafts, models and other materials.

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