Application of Laser Marking Machine on Magnetic Material

As a metal material, magnets are widely used in industry. In the production of various magnets, the serial number, production model, etc. need to be engraved on its surface before leaving the factory.


As a product with high hardness and brittle texture, carving its surface greatly increases the technological difficulty. Magnet laser marking machine is a device specially used for deep engraving and marking on the surface of magnetic materials. Compared with traditional engraving process, it has significant technical advantages.

The magnet laser marking machine can realize the marking on the surface of a series of magnetic materials such as hard magnetic and soft magnetic.

The traditional ink printing and dyeing process is prone to wear and tear in the repeated application of magnets. The use of laser marking technology for magnet marking, non-contact marking method, not only can ensure that the magnet is not damaged or deformed during processing, but also has high cleanliness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, clear and beautiful marking, marking efficient.

The magnet laser marking machine has obvious advantages. Whether it is deep engraving or shallow engraving, it can easily complete.


1. CCD visual pre-scanning automatically grabs and locates the target, enlarges the processing range.

2. For three-dimensional curved objects, automatically adjust the laser focal length to meet three-dimensional engraving.

3. It can meet the one-time marking of objects with different layer heights, and there is no need for multiple assembly and focusing.

4. Three-dimensional projection marking has no visible distortion.

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