Application of Laser Marking Machines for Hairdressing Scissors

The application of laser marking machine in hairdressing tools is everywhere. Not only can you create a beautiful scissors, but you can also customize it into your own scissors.

According to the need to cut different effects, there are corresponding hairdressing scissors, flat scissors, tooth scissors, sliding scissors, warping scissors, etc. By operating and processing on the computer system, various patterns, trademarks, model codes and other information can be depicted without limitation.

The main application of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine can mark or cut non-metallic materials such as metal, plastic, glass, etc. It is used in the fields of semiconductor, electronic and electrical housing, auto parts marking, glass processing, medical equipment and engineering plastics marking.

LX-C1 High Quality Table Desk UV Laser Marker for Auto Parts Medical Equipment

UV laser marking machine is developed with a 355nm UV laser. The ultraviolet laser has a very small focusing spot, and the small wavelength of the marking effect (a cold light laser) determines its high beam quality, small focusing spot, and ultra-fine marking requirements for glass products. The small characters can reach 0.2mm.

Because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, it is especially suitable for applications such as food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro-hole drilling, high-speed division of glass materials and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers.

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