Application of Portable Laser Marking Machine for Large Workpiece

Laser marking machine is one of the most widely used marking products at present. With the vigorous promotion of manufacturers, there are more and more types of laser marking machines to meet the various needs of users. No matter how complex the production scenario is, there is always a laser marking machine that can be applied.

If it is the kind of large workpiece or shelves, can laser marking machine complete marking?

Sure. Small portable handheld laser marking machine can solve the problem of large parts marking. Its entire size is about the same as the computer case, and then with a handheld component.

LX-A104-handheld fiber laser marking machine 01

Portable handheld laser marking machine is very advantageous in terms of body shape, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

Such portable laser marking machine can not only be used in industrial production, but also also very suitable for the initial entrepreneurs. Buy such a laser marking machine, specifically make laser marks, private customization, low threshold, fast start, free work venue.

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