Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Display Panel

The popularity of electronic products has brought great convenience in our lives, and the display panel is an important part of electronic products, such as computer display, TV display, automotive central control screens, and electronic products smart panels. In the production process of these display panels, the laser process plays an important role, such as: laser cutting of display panels, laser marking, etc..

The equipment used for display panel marking is call display panel laser marking machine, also known as UV laser marking machine. It can be used for the labeling of the display panels of various materials, such as: glass, plastic, ceramics, metal, etc..

UV laser marking machine can mark clear fonts, patterns, 2D barcode, etc. in a limited space, which also helps the traceability work of display panels.

Compared with the traditional display panel printing process, the laser marking process is more beautiful, longer retention, and safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used for assembly line operations, high marking efficiency, and smooth and flat surface.

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