Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Forehead Thermometer

Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Forehead Thermometer

The forehead thermometer measures body temperature by absorbing and judging the infrared energy emitted by the human body, which is fast and accurate. It does not touch the skin, avoiding cross infection. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand of forehead thermometer has also increased.

The pharmaceutical and medical industries attach great importance to safety and hygiene, so the requirements in terms of product marking are very high. Information such as production date, instructions for use must be permanent, so laser marking machines are generally used to process signs, rather than traditional methods such as inkjet printers and silk screen printing.

UV laser marking machine generally prints LOGO on the plastic shell of the forehead thermometer. The effect of the mark has no hand feeling, and the font will not turn yellow due to burning, so as not to affect the beauty of the brand, and it can also play an anti-counterfeiting role.

The forehead thermometer manufacturers can draw graphics, LOGO, two-dimensional code, code, etc. at will through the laser marking software, and then operate the UV laser marking machine to print them out.

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