Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Medical Special Equipment

Medical devices are commonly made of several materials: metal, plastic, glass, etc. They all have a unique device identification code – UDI code to track product information and improve traceability.

How do common medical products mark UDI codes?

For medical grade plastics, UDI markings must be smooth to the touch and effectively prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, the marking difficulty of UDI code is greatly increased. The traditional ink printing and dyeing process has also been abandoned step by step due to hidden dangers. Laser marking technology has become the mainstream technology for medical product marking because it meets the process requirements.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine, also known as medical laser marking machine, is a high-precision laser marking equipment.

UV laser marking machine with “cold marking” effect, is very friendly for heat-sensitive materials.

When white plastic strongly absorbs UV light, a chemical change occurs in the plastic, making it darker. This process produces smooth, highly legible marks inside the plastic, not just on the surface. This is what distinguishes the UV laser marking machine from other types of laser markers.

Recommended model configuration:

1. Configure the marking format of 100*100mm, and also support other custom sizes.

2. Fixtures can be configured according to requirements to realize rotary marking, transmission marking, etc.

3. The marking is clear and beautiful, and can be marked with any complex graphic patterns, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, fonts, etc.

4. The marking speed is fast, and dozens or hundreds of products can be marked within one minute.

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