Application of Uv Laser Marking Machine in Food and Pharmaceuticals Industry Safe

Application of UV Laser Marking Machine in Food and Pharmaceuticals Industry Safe

The ingenious combination of automation and intelligence promotes the innovation and transformation of the entire laser processing product.

UV laser marking uses UV laser to directly break the chemical bonds that connect the atomic components of a substance. This so-called “cold” process does not heat the surrounding area, but directly separates the substance into atoms.

People’s awareness of food and drug safety is gradually increasing, and the country’s supervision of food and drug safety is also increasing. The application of UV laser marking in the food and pharmaceutical industry has made it impossible to change the production date. Not only does it make food and medicine safer, but it also gives consumers more trust in manufacturers.

Compared with ordinary laser marking machines, UV laser focal point diameter is smaller and the marking effect is better. Compared to infrared lasers, metals have a high absorption rate of UV light, making them more suitable for precise marking on metallic and glass materials.

The narrow pulse width laser has a short action time with the processed material, and the thermal effect is small, which makes the marking effect more beautiful. Due to this feature, UV laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages in fine marking, fine cutting and micro processing of special materials.

UV laser marking has permanent non-repeatability. As long as the surface of the object is not severely damaged, the marking content will not be destroyed. Moreover, the mark is a non-contact mark and the object itself will not be damaged.

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