Application of UV Laser Marking Machine on Glass Material

uv laser marking on glass

Since the material of glass has a relatively good absorption rate for ultraviolet lasers, in order to prevent the glass with marked patterns and characters from being damaged by external forces, UV laser marking machine will be used for engraving at present.

Advantages of UV laser marking machine

The core component of UV laser marking machine is the UV laser, which has its unique advantages in laser processing:

UV laser has a short wavelength and small focus, which enables fine marking of glass products.

UV lasers directly destroy the chemical bonds of materials during laser processing. It is “cold” process with a small heat-affected zone. Most materials can effectively absorb UV light, so the UV laser marker can process many materials that cannot be marked by infrared and visible lasers.

UV laser is small, high efficiency, high repetition frequency, no gas replacement, no mask, easy maintenance.

UV laser marking machine for glass products

UV laser marking machine technology has made up for various shortcomings in traditional processing such as low precision, difficult drawing, damage to the workpiece and pollution of the environment, and has become the new favorite for marking glass products with its unique advantages.

uv laser marking on glass bottle

UV laser marking machine can provide clear and lasting engraving on almost any color or type of glass bottles, and is included in the necessary processing tools for various wine glasses, craft gifts and other industries.

Tips for adjusting marking parameters of UV laser marking machine

When engraving glass with a UV laser marking machine, the marking duration will affect the effect on the glass surface.

Long processing time will lead to too deep engraving on the glass surface, and too short processing time will lead to leaks.

Therefore, when debugging the UV laser marking machine, you need to be patient, try many times, and finally define the numerical parameters with the best effect for processing.

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