What Special Attention Should Be Paid to the Cooling Equipment of Laser Marking Machine?

Whether the cooling equipment of the laser marking machine is water-cooled or air-cooled mainly depends on the power of the equipment itself. The functions of water cooling and air cooling are the same, and both play a cooling role to ensure the normal operation of the laser marking machine.

For example, the power of a semiconductor laser marking machine is relatively large. Usually, water cooling is used, and the cooling capacity is large. The disadvantage of water cooling is the large volume. Air cooling is generally suitable for low-power CO2 marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, etc.

Precautions for the use of cooling equipment for laser marking machines

1. During the processing of the laser marking machine, it is strictly forbidden to run “no-load” or adjust the power supply at will. It must be operated according to the actual situation.

2. When the water tank is not running or there is no water, please do not use and debug the laser marking machine of semiconductor series. Because semiconductor laser marking machine belongs to high temperature thermal processing, it will cause serious consequences without water cooling.

3. If there is any abnormal phenomenon during operation, please turn off the power in time. After the galvanometer stops working, some inspection and maintenance work should be carried out.

4. If it is a CO2 and semiconductor laser marking machine, it must be operated in the order of switching on and off to prevent damage caused by misoperation.

5. No matter whether the laser marking machine adopts water-cooled or air-cooled cooling equipment, the dirt in the water tank or fan should be removed, and cleaning work should be carried out regularly. This not only makes the laser marking machine have good operability, but also greatly improves the service life of the equipment and ensures the smooth operation of the marking machine.

Which cooling equipment to use depends on the parameters of the laser marking machine selected by the customer. Correct use of cooling equipment will also affect the use of laser marking machines. Therefore, the correct use of these equipment can prolong the service life of the laser marking machine and facilitate equipment maintenance.

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