Edit Menu: Group / UnGroup

When selected the “Group” function will keep the selected objects’ original properties and make them into a new object, and this new group, as the same as other object, can be selected, copied, pasted and set object properties. “Ungroup” will turn the object which has just been grouped into previous situation. The object which has… Continue reading Edit Menu: Group / UnGroup

Edit Menu: Combine / Uncombine

“Combine” will ignore all the selected objects’ curve properties and combine those objects into a new curve combination with new curve properties. Same as other objects, this new combination can be selected, copied, pasted and set properties. “Uncombine” will get the combination back to the curve objects separately. The objects after “Uncombine” may be different… Continue reading Edit Menu: Combine / Uncombine

Param(F3) Configuration: Other

Starting Mark Delay: The delay before marking. Finish Mark Delay: The delay after marking. Max Power Delay: The Max dealy when the laser power is changed from 0% to 100% during marking. When the power’s range is changed less then 100% during marking, the time is less proportional to the Max vaule. This function is suit for the… Continue reading Param(F3) Configuration: Other

Param(F3) Configuration: Port

Stop mark input port: When in marking process, if the system detects there is a corresponding input signal, the current marking operation will be ended, and prompt the users with error information. Door IO: Check the port signal for opening and closing of the safety door. When the safety door is opened, processing will automatically stop. Processing… Continue reading Param(F3) Configuration: Port