Can Fiber Laser Marking Machines Be Used on Chips?

IC chips are widely used in daily electrical appliances. The marking on the chip by fiber laser marking machine has attracted more and more attention.

There are always some patterns and numbers on the surface of the chip for identification or other functions. The chip is characterized by small size and high integration density. Therefore, the precision requirements in the process of marking the surface of the chip are very high, and it is required to mark clear text, model, manufacturer and other information on the premise of not damaging the components. Now many chip manufacturers are using chip fiber laser marking machines.

The functions of chips used in different products and industries are different, which makes the marking on chip very important. The material used in the integrated electronic chip is very special. In our long-term application or printing, it is easy to cause chip defects, making it difficult to identify. However, using a fiber laser marking machine to mark on the IC chip can completely ignore these problems.

Chips play an important role in electronic appliances and daily life. This also brings more room for development to promote the development of chip fiber laser marking machine technology.

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