What Are the Difficulties of Laser Marking Color on Stainless Steel?

Using a laser marking machine to mark LOGO on stainless steel is a good choice. The pattern and text can be designed at will, the operation is simple. Laser marking machine can also produce color effects.

The principle of laser marking color is that the laser marker forms an oxide film on the local surface of the stainless steel and the  thickness is accurately controlled. Due to diffraction effect, oxide films with different thickness can exhibit different colors.

When the laser marking machine marks stainless steel materials, the color change of the surface layer of the material can be changed by adjusting the laser beam to obtain different color decoration effects. The advantage is that the pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable. Adjusting one of them does not affect other laser parameters, which is not available in Q-switched lasers.

This feature enhances the infinity of stainless steel color marking. Factors such as pulse width, power, filling method, and delay parameters will affect the color effect in the actual marking operation.

The color marking of the laser marking machine makes the presentation effect of the pattern more diverse. The image is lifelike, and the quality of the product is improved, which is an innovation to the traditional craftsmanship. Since then, the application range of laser color marking has continued to expand, and it has also become a new technological means to enhance the added value of products.

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