How Is the Auto-focus of Laser Marking Machine Achieved?

After the maintenance or replacement of the laser marking equipment, the distance between the lens of the laser marking machine and the workpiece will change due to the change of position, resulting in inaccurate focus. When the focus is not accurate, because the focus of the laser is not on the surface of the workpiece, the marking will be unclear.

How is the autofocus of laser marking machine achieved?

The auto-focus laser marking machine realizes the auto-focus marking through the visual positioning system, which can be done without physically moving the workpiece or the laser marking machine. The focus can be automatically adjusted, and even if there is a slight difference in thickness, automatic tracking and marking can be achieved. It can not only reduce the workload, but also significantly improve the quality of product marking, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Its principle is based on the basis of traditional marking machine, using high-precision CCD camera to capture the current position of the product, and transmitting the position information of one or more products collected in real time to the marking card in turn through the computer, so as to achieve precise marking.

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