Laser Marking Machine Application in Automobile Production

Laser Marking Machine Application in Automobile Production

In the production of automobiles, laser marking is often required on internal and external plastic parts, such as automobile door texture marking, conventional button marking and transparent button marking, automobile instrument panel marking, automobile rear view mirror marking, etc.

The laser marking process uses a high-energy laser beam to focus on the surface of the plastic material, peels off the surface coating to form a light-transmitting key effect, or burns a specific texture at a high temperature to form interior parts lines, etc.

Laser marking machine is an indispensable process equipment in the interior and exterior decoration of automobiles. The equipment that is often used for car button marking is called automotive button laser marking machine.

The automotive button laser marking machine, also known as the UV laser marking machine, is equipped with a high-quality laser, the light source is stable, and the maintenance cost is low in the later period. The marking graphic pattern is free and flexible, and the pattern size can be adjusted at any time, which is simple and fast. The automotive button laser marking machine has fast marking speed, high efficiency, beautiful craftsmanship, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Automatic processes can be configured according to requirements to realize batch marking on the assembly line.

Customizable UV Laser Marking Machine

1. It is equipped with a marking size of 110*110mm, which is suitable for marking various plastic parts within this range.

2. The model has a wide range of applications and can be used for laser engraving on the surface of various non-metal, glass and metal materials.

3. High marking accuracy, clear letters, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

4. The model is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, no other expenses are incurred in the later stage, and the production cost is low.

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