Application of Laser Marking Machine for Battery Termination Tape Coding and Marking

Termination tape is a kind of material used for insulation protection and fixing function of various lithium-ion cell termination parts based on polypropylene insulating material. It can be used in cylindrical and square small and medium-sized lithium-ion batteries and large-scale power lithium-ion battery cells.

Common termination tapes are: PP material, PET material, PI film material, etc. Various types and wide application.

In the production process of the termination tape, it is necessary to mark different numbers and models on the surface of the tape to facilitate the traceability of the termination tape.

Termination tape laser marking machine, also known as UV laser marking machine, is a device that can realize the surface marking of termination tape of various materials.

The termination tape laser marking machine adopts ultraviolet laser marking technology, and uses non-contact ultraviolet light to focus the product surface to achieve efficient and fast marking on the surface of the tape. Beautiful effect and high definition. Once marked, it will be permanently retained, resistant to corrosion and wear. It can make the surface of the termination tape basically without damage, without touch, and without affecting the service life.

Compared with the traditional ink printing and dyeing process, termination tape laser marking machine is more environmentally friendly and beautiful, and has no ink consumables, reducing production costs, simple and easy to operate, long life of the model, long-term high-intensity operations, and improving production efficiency.

UV laser marking machine can be customized configuration

1. Configure 110*110mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm and other marking sizes, and support model customization.

2. The roll-to-roll marking method can be selected according to the requirements to realize the automatic marking of the whole roll of tape.

3. The model has a wide range of applications, and all kinds of metal and non-metal mixed materials can be marked on the surface.

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