Laser Menu – AngleRotate Marking Parameter: Invert, Zero

AngleRotate Marking: Zero

Invert: Reverse the move direction of the expansion axis.

Pulses per rotation: The pulse numbers each round that the expansion axis rotating. We can calculate it through following formula:

X=(360/N)* n


X denotes Pulses per round.
N denotes step angle of step motor.
n denotes micro-step set by step motor driver.

Min speed: the minimum rotary speed of expansion axis.

Max speed: the maximum rotary speed of expansion axis.

Acc. time: Acceleration time needed when expansion axis moves from minimum speed to maximum speed.

Goto start position after finished: The expansion axis will go back to the initial position after finishing marker.

Speed: The speed of the axis going back to the initial position after finishing marker.

Zero: Whether current expansion axis has zero-switch input signal. Without zero signal, the software can’t build up an absolute coordinates. Marking a set of parts, we need make every mark at the same position. To mark figure at the same position each time, the system takes current expansion axis as a default original point before marking in the case of without zero signal. After processed a part, the system moves the axis to the original position automatically. In this way, each part will be marked in the same position.

If zero is enabled, zero switcher will be found automatically. The software creates an absolute coordinate after Finding out zero switch er . If the system failed to find out zero switcher, expansion axis cannot be used until the appointed time set by parameter zero time out has expired.

Note: The switcher used for zero signal must be normal-open type and the signal should be connected to input port 0.

Speed of Go Zero: The move speed when expansion axis go zero.

Zero time out: The system will present “Zero time out” when failed to reach the position where the zero switcher was assembled within the appointed time.

Accurate Zero: When it is selected, the axis must gives three zero signals in go zero process; and it isn’t selected, the axis only need one signal.

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