Param(F3) Configuration: Other

Param(F3) Configuration: Other

Starting Mark Delay: The delay before marking.

Finish Mark Delay: The delay after marking.

Max Power Delay: The Max dealy when the laser power is changed from 0% to 100% during marking. When the power’s range is changed less then 100% during marking, the time is less proportional to the Max vaule. This function is suit for the laser power supply with slow response speed. If the laser power supply ’ s response speed is very quick, this value may be 0 ms.

Max Freq Delay: Same as max power delay.

Show start mark dialog: Every time inquired whether mark it before the marking.

Enable execute mark start and stop command file: When the mark started and finishes needs to execute a command file first.

After enabling this function, when the marking starts, the system will seek for the start.bat document under the current software of contents automatically and executes it; After the marking had ended the system will seek for the stop.bat document under the current software of contents automatically and executes it.

The bat document format is simple, it can use the textual edit software (for example: The notepad, tablet and so on the other software) to direct compilation. Bat is the pure ASCII code text document, altogether has 3 orders.

1. The examination input port orders IN, for example IN2=1 expression system examination input port 2, if IN2 is the high level downward carries out, otherwise has waited for that IN2 turns high.

2. The establishment output port orders OUT, for example OUT4=1, the expression system establishment output port 4 is the high levels.

3. The time delay orders DELAY, for example DELAY=1000, expression system time delay 1000 milliseconds.

Auto reset mark count: after the mark stop, the software reset mark count automatic.

Disable mark when reach total count: set the total count, when the amount reached, the software will not continue mark.

User step mark mode: When the marking according to the establishment the Galvo smallest distance movement, delay fixed time after each movement distance, this function mainly uses in the strong laser power hitting the depth, the step delay is bigger, the laser marks in the pause position deeply.

Enable analog current fpk: the time when the analog current is 0 before marking.

Fly Mark and Red light pointer.

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