Param(F3) Configuration: Port

F3 port

Stop mark input port: When in marking process, if the system detects there is a corresponding input signal, the current marking operation will be ended, and prompt the users with error information.

Door IO: Check the port signal for opening and closing of the safety door. When the safety door is opened, processing will automatically stop. Processing can only be done when the safety door is closed, which is used to protect the operator from laser burns. The red light indicator can continue when the door is opened.

Laser power IO: The port can be used to control the laser power supply. If you set this port, there is a ‘Power off’ button displayed on the marking bar.

Red light pointer I/O: The system will output High-level to the appointed output port when guide light show.

Marking IO: The appointed port will output high level voltage (TTL Compatible) while in marking.

Start Mark IO: In idle state, the software will start mark if detect the high level voltage from the appointed port.

Pulse Mode: Checking this option means the soft receive the start signal as pulse mode, otherwise it is as level mode.

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