UV Laser Marking Machine

Using small cooling of all solid state laser transmitting ultraviolet laser marking machine, the laser device with a new generation of laser diode pumped Slab crystal technology, can produce nearly base transverse mode of high power laser output, is the high beam quality, base transverse mode short pulse laser output.

Our UV Laser Marking Systems

The use of unique pulse generating technology, which can change the output of the laser pulse width, suitable for different materials processing requirements. Using electro-optic Q technology, output frequency can be up to 100 KHZ, the pulse width less than 10 ns, using special optical welding technology, to ensure the reliability of the laser, can long-term work in 7 days/24 hours way, laser output remain stable.

UV Laser Markers for Sale

Features of UV Laser Marking Machines

1.Conduction cooled solid laser,small size, light weight

2.High light beam quality

3.Optical welding technology ensure super stability

4.Industrial design standard

5.Working with the way of 7 days/24hour.

Technical Parameters of UV Laser Markers

BrandLinxuan Laser
ModelLX-C series
Average output power3W/5W/7W/10W
Laser SourceUltraviolet laser
Max Speed7000mm/s

Applicable Industries of UV Laser Marking Equipment

UV laser marking machines can be used in the semiconductor, electronic appliances shell, auto parts, glass processing, medical equipment and engineering plugging material identification, etc.

Marking Samples of UV Laser Markers


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