The Straight Line Printed by Laser Marking Machine Is Curved?

Some users find that the marked fonts or graphics are distorted when using the laser marking machine. For example, the marked straight line is curved.

What is the reason?

This is because the format of the laser marking machine has not been corrected, which will cause the marked graphs such as rectangles to become sectors, isosceles trapezoids, arcs, etc.

During the use of the laser marking machine, due to changes in machine parameters, or software reset, or the desktop on which the laser marking machine is placed is not very flat, that is, not on a horizontal plane, these reasons lead to the need to recalibrate the parameters.

How to solve?

1. Draw a square of the same size as the format on the marking machine software, such as 175×175.

2. Mark the square pattern first and observe whether the four sides are deformed. Measured with a ruler.

configuration of Galvo 1 or Galvo 2, choose to adjust the ratio

3. Click Param (F3) to enter the parameter configuration page. In the detailed configuration of Galvo 1 or Galvo 2, choose to adjust the ratio of sector or trapezoid. The original ratio is 1, you can adjust it by 1.1 first, and then click OK. Mark the square again to see if there is any change. According to the specific changes, adjust ratio to the appropriate size.

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