What Are the Advantages of Metal Laser Marking Machine?

The demand for metal laser marking machines is increasing. Most manufacturers already have one or even dozens and hundreds of metal laser marking machines.

What are the advantages of metal laser marking machine?

First, the metal laser marking machine irradiates the material through the laser, so that the melting physical changes occur to form a permanent mark. The traditional inkjet printer markings are prone to wear, and will disappear over time, which then loses the meaning and purpose of marking. This is also one of the reasons why metal laser marking machines are highly recognized.

Second, the metal laser marking machine marking process does not have any pollution source, in line with the current era of strict environmental requirements, so metal laser marking machine has become the mainstream of marking equipment.

Third, metal laser marking machine has a simple structure, small size, built-in air cooling. Its power is relatively high, so the beam quality is very good, making the photoelectric conversion rate very high, with more clear marking logo.

In summary, there are many advantages of metal laser marking machines, and the above is only part of it. As long as the manufacturer chosen is reliable, the service life they provide is no problem.

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