What Are the Types of Laser Marking Control Board?

Any kind of laser marking machine has a laser marking control board, also called laser marking control system. It is the soul of this laser marking machine. Laser marking equipment realizes the coordinated communication of various parts through laser marking control board.

The laser marking control board and its marking software Ezcad are the brain of a laser marking device.

So far, what kinds of general laser marking control boards have appeared?

There are three kinds of laser marking control boards used in laser marking machines according to the time history of appearance:

1. The earliest industrial ISA board.

This kind of board is specially inserted into the ISA socket of the computer, which is generally the socket only available in the computer before 2002. And this kind of board was more popular before 2002.

2.PCI board.

This kind of board does not necessarily use an industrial computer. After 2000, almost any computer has the function socket of PCI board, and can work normally. This makes the laser marking machine no longer can only be equipped with industrial computers, but can choose brand computers, which has achieved a more ideal step in the maintenance and warranty of computers.

3. Laser marking control board with USB interface.

This kind of board is mainly due to the popularity and simplicity of the USB interface. The laser marking control board using this interface can run the marking offline, or use a notebook to operate, which is convenient and simple. This kind of interface marking board is also the current mainstream direction. The only disadvantage of the marking board with USB interface is that it needs external power supply, and the laser marking machine needs to add one more power supply.

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