What Laser Marking Machine is Used for Engraving on Glass and Crystal Surface?

Glass is a high-density material, widely used in our daily life. To engrave on the surface of these glass household items, what laser marking machine is needed?

Laser marking machine is the most advanced marking equipment in modern industry. According to the different laser sources, it can be divided into fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and so on. Which laser marking machine is used for engraving on the surface of glass and crystal?

UV laser marking machine can be very good at engraving on glass or crystal materials.

Relative to the traditional glass processing technology, UV laser marking machine makes up for the the lack of processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, pollution of the environment and other deficiencies. UV laser marking machine adopts contactless processing, so that the glass surface will not be damaged by external forces, will not produce cracks. UV laser marker with cold processing has high beam quality, small light spots, can be well applied to the fine marking of glass or crystal.

uv laser markng on glass cup

Linxuan Laser has been producing and designing UV laser marking machines for many years, and has a professional technical team that can customize the corresponding models according to the user’s requirements for the laser marking machine.

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