What Materials Can Non-metal Laser Marking Machine Be Applied to?

Non-metal laser marking machine generally refers to CO2 laser marking machine. Its existence is to solve the problem of engraving and marking of non-metallic materials for users. There are many materials that can be marked by non-metallic laser marking machines, such as ceramics, wood, leather, etc..

CO2 laser marking machine is one of the most widely used laser equipment. It uses carbon dioxide gas as the working substance, and the laser wavelength is 10.6 microns, which can travel far in the atmosphere. It has the advantages of high power and high efficiency.

Non-metallic laser marking machine uses high-performance CO2 laser to enhance stability and laser life.
High reliability and maintenance-free.
No water chiller required, completely air-cooled, easy to operate.
Excellent optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, suitable for most non-metallic materials.
The beam quality is good, the electro-optical conversion rate is high, the processing speed is fast, no consumables, basically no maintenance is required, and the service life is long.
Small size, suitable for working in harsh environments.

Non-metal laser marking machines are widely used in various non-metal marking and cutting fields. For example: food packaging marking, coding and marking of beverage bottles and other industries. The effect of the marking machine has the functions of anti-counterfeiting, product management, product traceability and so on.

The wavelength generated by the laser of the non-metallic laser marking machine is more suitable for the absorption of non-metallic materials, and is now widely used in cloth, leather, paper, wood, acrylic, glass, surface oil-injected metal objects, epoxy resin EP, Two-color plate, spraying, ink, plastic, rubber, ceramics, bamboo products, silicon wafer, electroplating, PVC, ABS, paint film and other external materials.

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