What Materials Can the Laser Welding Machine Weld?

1. Metal

All metal materials can be welded by laser welding machine, such as copper and copper alloy, carbon steel, die steel, alloy steel, gold, silver and other materials.

Laser welding machine can also meet the welding between different metal materials.

Especially stainless steel is the best material for laser welding, and the area after welding is smooth and beautiful.

2. Plastic

The laser welding machine can weld commonly used plastics such as PP, PE, PC, ABS, PPS, PMMA, PET and PSF.

3. 3C electronic products

Laser welding machines are commonly used to weld parts and components with precision or complex processes.

Under certain conditions, the laser welding machine can also weld more materials.

With the continuous development of laser welding technology, the application of laser welding machines will become more and more extensive.

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