Which Parts of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine Are Easy to Wear?

Fiber laser marking machine can be used for about 100,000 hours. However, the internal parts of laser used for many years, will also be damaged. It is mainly due to the defects of its matrix material quartz glass itself and the inclusion of metal impurities, affecting the optical phenomenon generated in the transmission process of light, which is usually divided into absorption loss, dispersion loss and scattering loss.

1. Absorption

The loss in this aspect is caused by the fiber core containing metal impurities and OH absorption of light. The focus is on the absorption of infrared and ultraviolet spectra.

2. Dispersion

Dispersion is also a major factor in laser losses. There are three main reasons: waveguide dispersion, material dispersion, and intermodal dispersion. The losses caused by these three aspects are not the same.

3. Scattering

Scattering is a phenomenon caused by different atomic densities in various materials to be marked, resulting in different degrees of fluctuation, and then rapid condensation resulting in uneven density.

Fiber laser marking machine is favored by most customers, which also shows its advanced nature and superiority. However, if any item is used for many years, the internal parts will also be damaged. When operating the fiber laser marking machine, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the above aspects, which is beneficial to the performance optimization of the entire machine.

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