Why Are the Marking Depths Different on the Same Workpiece?

Sometimes the parts of mark are different in depth, why does this happen? How to adjust?

1. The worktable and the galvanometer lens are not on the same plane, and then the focal length is deviated.

You can find a spirit level to measure the galvanometer head and worktable surface. If it is not on a plane, twist the screw of the galvanometer lens to make it level. Then adjust the 4 support feet under the worktable to a plane.

2. The marking exceeds the working size.

Increase the power of laser marking machine, or replace the laser with a higher power.

Laser marking machine is a very precise instrument, and various details need to be paid attention to in use. In general, do not arbitrarily change the working size of the laser marking machine. For various parameters, if you do not understand, consult the manufacturer of the purchased laser marking machine.

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